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Onyx Business Solutions is a 501(c)3 organization operating in the field of women’s economic development. The organization was founded in 2016 to provide programs and services to support and accelerate women’s business ownership and strengthen the impact of women in the economy by increasing economic growth, and building resilient communities.


To empower our client's with solutions that will increase sustainable businesses in the St. Louis region.


The mission of Onyx Business Solutions (OBS) is to provide services that support and accelerate business development and growth, targeting women business owners, to impact the St. Louis region and economy.


The Onyx stone is strength-giving and provides in difficult times. In order to overcome fears, remove toxicity, and release negativity, the Onyx stone releases a protection of energy to assist in thriving and surviving  environments. While the Onyx stone is typically black, symbolizing confidence and power, the stone varies in colors such as gray, white, blue, brown, yellow, and red.

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